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MistressCruel (29)

You can be only a slave for Me and nothing but a slave.

Kurz etwas zu mir:

Non sexual Mistress! I do not provide vanilla`s sessions. No masturbation, no naked! During the session you are not allowed to do anything without asking my permission first and receiving this permission. Once after you step into BDSM room you body, mind, thoughts , needs and desires become all Mine. I will decide what you are gonna take and how much you are gonna take. Also how we are gonna go. Or when you can take a break and do you need one. You are there as my toy and I will enjoy the game as much as I want. I can give you an incredible amount of pain and pleasure. What it is gonna be it`s up to you. I will give you some orders during the session, if you can fullfill them I reward you. If you fail, if you disapoint me, if you disrecpect me, I will punish you. It`s easy. I like to play variety games to find where your bondaries are. Once after I find them, I would like to cross them all. To break your mind, using your body. BOOT/SHOE/FOOT/NYLON WORSHIP Let yourself be enraptured by the smallest most perfect feet. A size 35. Mistress� feet are tiny and delicate and true objects of worship. With an extensive collection of shoes and boots, and always happy to be gifted more, get on your knees and serve your Mistress as She gazes at you with Her deep dark eyes.

Fakten über mich:

Körbchengröße: A
Haare: schwarz, sehr lang
Augen: braun
Figur: normal
Rasur: vollrasiert

Meine Interessen:

Dominant, Fetisch, Lack und Leder, Rollenspiele, Sexspielzeug, SM-Sex, Spanking, Tattoos, Wachs-Spiele

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