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I`ll tear your soul apart

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Nothing satisfies me more than to mess with your filthy, simple, narrow mind. I`m gonna feel out all your pressure points and squeeze on `em hard til you give in to submission. Hit a nerve there, slave? You`re privy to a great becoming, but you recognize nothing. To me, you`re a just a disposable tool to use, then throw away. Before me, you rightly tremble. I`m in control of your pathetic life now. From here on, dignity is not in your vocabulary anymore. You`re just an empty shell, I`m watching you fall away into nothing as you`re desperately craving to touch me, to lick up all my spit from the ground, to serve me like you were designed to.You practically give your life to me and all I do is suck out your mind in return. I drain your essence. Your dignity. Your entire life belongs to me now.

Fakten über mich:

Körbchengröße: B
Haare: braun, mittellang
Augen: braun
Figur: normal
Rasur: vollrasiert

Meine Interessen:

Dominant, Exhibitionismus, Fesselspiele, Fetisch, Rollenspiele, Sexspielzeug, SM-Sex, Spanking, Voyeurismus

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